Overcoming fear and anxiety through a two-minute VR experience empowers students to practice self-awareness and self control.



SELENA VR 2.0 Coming Soon!


This VR experience will allow counselors to teach coping skills in a fun, interactive way that meets children at their developmental level, while also keeping up with the current trends. Simply Amazing!

– Renee Koutras,
School Counselor, 504 Coordinator, LMHC, MPH

Discover Our Revolutionary VR & PC Browser Games

Embark on a transformative educational journey with a series of innovative and interactive games designed to foster emotional intelligence and personal growth. 

“SELENA VR” propels players into a space-themed VR experience, navigating asteroid storms and confronting emotions like fear and anxiety. As a standalone lesson, it sets the stage for upcoming scenarios involving public speaking and anger management. 

Complementing this, the “Facing Sadness Game” integrates a structured PDF Lesson Plan to guide participants through recognizing and overcoming sadness, offering a holistic approach to emotional well-being. 

Meanwhile, the “Recognizing Negativity Game” takes an imaginative twist by challenging players to assist an Angry Kraken in overcoming negativity, turning the process into an entertaining yet meaningful journey.

 Lastly, the “Growth Mindset Maze Game” enriches the learning experience by transforming growth mindset principles into an obstacle course, creating a dynamic and engaging application of knowledge acquired in a dedicated lesson plan. 

Together, this collection of games seamlessly blends education and entertainment, fostering personal development and resilience through a diverse range of emotional and cognitive challenges. 

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