WCSD Social and Emotional Competency Long-Form Assessment

Items highlighted (17-item) indicate items that comprise the briefer, composite SEC assessment.

Directions: Please tell us how easy or difficult each of the following are for you.

Response Options: 1 = Very Difficult; 2 = Difficult; 3 = Easy; 4 = Very Easy

Self-Awareness: Self-Concept

  1. Knowing what my strengths are. (17-item)
  2. Knowing how to get better at things that are hard for me to do at school.
  3. Knowing when I am wrong about something.
  4. Knowing when I can’t control something.

Self-Awareness: Emotion Knowledge

  1. Knowing when my feelings are making it hard for me to focus. (17-item)
  2. Knowing the emotions I feel. (17-item)
  3. Knowing ways to make myself feel better when I’m sad.
  4. Noticing what my body does when I am nervous.
  5. Knowing when my mood affects how I treat others.
  6. Knowing ways I calm myself down. (17-item)

Social Awareness

  1. Learning from people with different opinions than me. (17-item)
  2. Knowing what people may be feeling by the look on their face. (17-item)
  3. Knowing when someone needs help. (17-item)
  4. Knowing how to get help when I’m having trouble with a classmate.
  5. Knowing how my actions impact my classmates.

Self-Management: Emotion Regulation

  1. Getting through something even when I feel frustrated. (17-item)
  2. Being patient even when I am really excited. (17-item)
  3. Staying calm when I feel stressed.
  4. Working on things even when I don’t like them.

Self-Management: Goal Management

  1. Finishing tasks even if they are hard for me. (17-item)
  2. Setting goals for myself. (17-item)
  3. Reaching goals that I set for myself.
  4. Thinking through the steps it will take to reach my goal.

Self-Management: School Work        

  1. Doing my schoolwork even when I do not feel like it. (17-item)
  2. Being prepared for tests. (17-item)
  3. Working on assignments even when they are hard.
  4. Planning ahead so I can turn a project in on time.
  5. Finishing my schoolwork without reminders.
  6. Staying focused in class even when there are distractions.

Relationship Skills    

  1. Respecting a classmate’s opinions during a disagreement. (17-item)
  2. Getting along with my classmates. (17-item)
  3. Sharing what I am feeling with others.
  4. Talking to an adult when I have problems at school.
  5. Being welcoming to someone I don’t usually eat lunch with.
  6. Getting along with my teachers.

Responsible Decision-Making

  1. Thinking about what might happen before making a decision. (17-item)
  2. Knowing what is right or wrong. (17-item)
  3. Thinking of different ways to solve a problem.
  4. Saying “no” to a friend who wants to break the rules.
  5. Helping to make my school a better place.

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